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In general, Latin American developers are reliable because they are grounded in family.



30-60% savings compared to onsite teams.
Fixed monthly cost, no overhead.
Start with just one dedicated developer.
Scale rapidly.
Low risk - High return.

Christopher Shaw, Founder of Shaw and Partners

Chris has over 20 years of experience in tech, starting from the IT department at the University of Kansas. After leaving Vision Tech, the IT arm of Tech Investments, a manufacturing investment fund, he founded Shaw and Partners to provide low-cost, high-quality software products.

We entirely engineer products serving customers like American Express, Conde Nast, and the Stowers Institute, a non-profit medical research firm funded by a two billion dollar endowment.



Shawn Achor, author of “The Happiness Advantage,” says that the Harvard students who did the best of all saw their time at the school as an opportunity for success.  Those who saw learning as a chore did worse.

Working with global companies, being paid well, and being in very a desirable occupation are the main reasons people are happy here. To add to that, we offer:

  • Coaching with OKRs
  • Team building such as adventure excursions and happy hours
  • A humble culture
  • Community events (we host meetups)


Peer review, testing, docs, KANBAN, SCRUM (agile coding) with Jira are standards these days, but communications between a group of humble friends is the best way to ensure you have a safety net.



Why have one coder when you can have two.
The Latin American culture has just begun to prove itself as a competitive
source for developers, and we are at the forefront of building the reputation.


Hiring a U.S. based firm such as Shaw and Partners allows us to deal with the stability of the team and lets you stay focused on your goals.

Avoid issues, such as:

  • Contractor vs. Employee status
  • Health and Mental stability
  • At-will employment
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Harassment suits
  • Labor unions
  • Privacy issues
  • Wage, over-time and hour issues
  • Workers compensation
  • Workplace safety requirements
  • Discrimination suits based on
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Gender
    • National origin
    • Pregnancy
    • Race
    • Religion
    • Sex


We’re proud of our 1.75% YOY voluntary turn-over rate.

Set vision.
We offer developers stock in our company. The foundation of our lives is invested in this company, and therefore your company’s success.

Drive results.
Internal daily stand-ups make sure the team members are accountable to each other and constant communication amongst team members has proven the best way to stay on top of issues.

Manage career goals.
We use OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) when doing quarterly meetings to ensure career goals are both set and met.


The best way to learn, grow, and help is to support open-source projects.

Shaw and Partners helps open-source contributors attend and speak at community meetups, national and international conferences.




Brian Macnish


Sherri Horowitz


David Jenkins

Luke Thorburn

Mr. Luke Thorburn is an Advisory Board member of Shaw & Partners. Mr. Thorburn has a decade of experience in the Financial Services industry and currently consults to global Institutions, Ultra High Net Worth Family Offices, Corporates, SME’s, Development Banks and Government departments in Latin America. Prior, Luke worked for Goldman Sachs on Wall Street within Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Luke holds expertise in Equity Capital Markets and Alternative Capital Markets, and is involved in strategic positioning and human capital decisions for Shaw & Partners.
Based between New York, Paraguay (Asuncion) and Brazil (Sao Paulo), Mr. Thorburn also served as a Board member of The Pure Brazilian Company SL. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) and a Bachelor of Business Management (International Business) from the University of Queensland, Australia. Lukeis Series 3, 7 and 66 certified with US Securities and Exchange Commission, and also holds the Australian equivalents.

Sherri Horowitz

Ms. Horowitz has over 25 years of experience in corporate partnerships and 20 years of effective consultative enterprise selling. She is currently the Vice President of Corporate Partnerships at Instride, an education start-up that helps employees boost their careers with degrees and credentials paid in most part by employers, and partners such as Uber, Starbucks, Aramark, and Adidas. Prior, Sherrri was VP of Sales at Marsh and McLennan, the healthcare leader for the Western U.S., and OC Healthcare Sales Group. She also served as Executive Director of McKesson Health IT, as well as successfully ran a consulting group. Sherri holds a B.A. of History from Western Michigan University, and serves as area director and club president for Toastmasters International.

Brian Macnish

Mr. Brian Macnish is a Senior Advisor and Advisory Board member of Shaw & Partners. Mr. Macnish has over
30 years’ experience as a practicing lawyer, investment adviser and wealth manager. He
was responsible for opening and managing the first Private Wealth & Trust office for Merrill
Lynch in Hawaii before joining Merrill Lynch Trust Company in New York. Thereafter he
served as a Senior VP at Atlantic Trust and Managing Director at Wilmington Trust. He
completed his Institutional career on Wall Street as Director with Deutsche Bank Securities.

He currently serves as Senior Strategist for PF2 Securities in New York, consulting on special assignments involving complex financial and securities matters. Brian holds an LLB from the University of Queensland and practiced law in both the US and Australia.

David Jenkins

David has over 15 years of investment and capital markets experience between Sao Paulo, Shanghai, and London, across advisory, Private Equity, and Hedge Fund investing. He is currently responsible for a private equity / illiquid investment portfolio and a Fund of Hedge Funds for a Brazilian family office, based between São Paulo and New York.

Prior to his role at the family office, David was an Associate Director in the corporate finance team at Mizuho Bank in London, where he focused on acquisition and structured finance transactions for blue-chip clients in the commodities and utility sectors, including Rio Tinto, BHPB, Anglo American, and Glencore. David started his career by launching an online gaming company in Brazil before moving to China, where he worked for two years in Venture Capital.

David holds a BSc in Economics and Management Sciences from the University of Southampton.