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Mass exodus?
Don't know who to trust?
Not finding qualified coders?
Had a bad experience?
How do I qualify?
Consistently failing to deliver quality?
In-house coders cost too much?
Work-from-home policy is too risky?
Mass exodus
Don't know who to trust
Not finding qualified coders
Had a bad experience
How do I qualify
Consistently failing to deliver quality
In-house coders cost too much
Work-from-home policy is too risky

We turn projects around


New hires are vetted for at
least three months on
an internal project before
they touch a client's code.


American companies
trust us to architect
software that
Fortune 50 use.


Our distributed teams
dramatically reduce overhead
and the risks that
come with employment.

avoid exponential complexity

experience a culture that inspires them

15 years of constant

Through years of learning, we now pride yourselves on exclusively hiring developers with a strong desire to hone their best skill--programming.

12 Years

what clients say

“Finding an outsourced team that is truly a partner is next to impossible.
Shaw and Partners is such a team.
They meet deadlines, respect budgets, and maintain experienced developers.
We’ve definitely gotten more than we expected.”

— Arun, CTO of Fin-tech Project

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